The News Staff Spends a Day at the Circus

The News Staff Spends a Day at the Circus

The News Staff Spends a Day at the Circus

By Paula Lickfeldt


The staff of The News of Sun City Center & South County all revisited their childhood as they marveled at the array of acts presented at The Sarasota Circus.  Each of us was asked what our favorite act was: the horses, the silly clown, the acrobatic sisters, the juggler, the dogs, or maybe the daredevil in the “Wheel of Destiny.”  We had lots of discussion and decided that we really could not choose, because they were all wonderful.

Reporting the news in and around Sun City Center is an effort all four reporters finds very rewarding. We started out as coworkers and have become very good friends. We laugh and tease each other a lot, and we are always supportive of the work that each of us does.

Each of the reporters, when asked why they write for the paper, said volunteering with The News gives them the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. Each reporter, however, put their own spin on the opportunity.

Diane Loeffler said she likes knowing what is going on and being able to meet the people who make things happen. Working for the paper gives her an appreciation for the many people in our community who are willing to give of their time and energy to keep all of the activities running.

Ilona Merritt said she enjoys the variety of things she gets to write about. The reporting is full of surprises and is never just routine. Being a part of the team has opened new horizons for her.

Kai Rambow said he gets the opportunity to ‘learn about so many different hobbies and activities’. When he meets someone who participates in an activity that he has reported on, he can talk to the person about that activity with knowledge of it.

For me, it feels good when I’m out and about in the community and someone recognizes me and says how much they enjoy reading my articles. If you think you might be interested in joining our fun team of hardworking, enthusiastic community reporters, contact the editor, Adam Porter, here.


In the feature photo: The staff of The News of Sun City Center & South County had so much fun at the Sarasota Circus. Pictured, L to R: Paula Lickfeldt, Ilona Merritt, John Wolf, Diane Loeffler, Adam Porter, and Kai Rambow.