Growth and Development in South County

By Kai Rambow


Construction here, construction there, construction everywhere.  Working counter-clockwise on a map, here’s what’s happening around us:

Vista Palms: South of Wawa on 301. Over 700 family homes almost completed. Houses range in size from 1,461 to 3,326 sq. ft.

Southshore Bay: Heading north on 301 from Vista Palms, right on SR-674 and east of Wawa, this huge development is in the early stages of development. Metro Development Group invited three different builders with houses ranging in size from 1,396 to 2,650 sq.ft.

The big feature here will be a man made, five-acre, crystal clear, blue lagoon.  Residents will be able to swim, paddleboard, sail, and kayak.  Greg Singleton, President of Metro Development Group, described the concept: “Anyone can develop just another master planned community, but we thought, why not be bold and push the envelope?” The lagoon is expected to be completed in 2020, and 2,142 homes will be completed over a five-year period. There is a separate, gated, active adult section currently under construction within this community.

Sereno: Heading west on 674, just before Walmart. Sereno, also by Metro, has already involved four different builders. Family and retiree houses range in size from 1,267 to 3,192 sq.ft. A total of 728 homes will be completed in three more years.

Valencia Lakes: Heading north on 301, this is the community we perhaps know best. This 55+ community has recently finished the last of 1,200 homes.  Their lakes are large with plenty of paths for walking and cycling. They also have their own community center pool and recreational facilities. It looks beautiful now.

Valencia Del Sol: Heading farther north on 301, you’ll encounter several developments at 19th Avenue NE. Turn right at this intersection and you’ll reach the entrance to Valencia Del Sol, another 55+ community by the same builder of Valencia Lakes. Total will be under 600 homes ranging in size from 1,492 to 3,273 sq.ft.

Orchids at Cypress Creek: Exiting Valencia Del Sol, keep traveling on 19th Ave NE through the intersection at 301.  You’ll encounter three drives leading to new home developments.  These are all part of Cypress Creek, which is being built in several phases.  Right now, some of those drives have homes, others don’t have one house built yet. Sizes range from 1,504 to 2,497 sq.ft. with their own community facilities, including a large pool. In another two years, 338 families will call this home.

Cypress Mill: Continue traveling west on 19th, past Southshore Library, and you’ll reach this family community. House sizes range from 1,300 to 3,777 sq.ft., and they too will have community facilities with a large pool. There are three phases planned, eventually adding almost 900 homes.

Shadetree Apartments: Exit Cypress Mills and head south on Cypress Creek and you’ll immediately see these luxury apartments. There will be 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units available with a pool and recreational facilities in the center of the complex. A total of 260 apartments are expected to be ready in July.

IN THE PHOTO: The first lagoon community is well under way. Southshore Bay will have a similar lagoon completed in 2020. Photo courtesy of Metro Development Group.



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