Magritte & Dali

By Kai Rambow


Two of the best known surrealist painters, side by side. Magritte and Dali, knew each other, shared ideas with each other, and painted with similar themes.

This thought-provoking exhibit is worth seeing – and experiencing (more on this in a bit).  The key, as always, is to get an audio guide.  It’s included with your admission and enables you to know what you’re looking at, and what to examine more closely.  This is particularly important since Dali painted many double images.

Dali paintings, part of the collection but not regularly displayed, are part of this exhibit.  Most of the Magritte paintings are on loan from Belgium.  At the end are two interactive displays.

In the Cloud Room, you’ll be surrounded by moving clouds all around you. It is a semi-surreal experience. Right after is an interactive surrealist art experience. A camera captures your image and then projects you into paintings by both artists.

This is a little tricky to do. Tip: Carefully read the instructions posted on the wall.  Next, watch others try to capture their image. When you think you know what to do, try it. The most challenging part is moving your hand over the camera icon to “click” the camera.  Once the numbers start to count down, you’ll have about two seconds to pose.  It is probably easier to have someone else take your photo in the painting as the image only pops up for about three seconds.  Most important: enjoy the art and have fun.


Magritte & Dali

Until May 19, 2019

Dali Museum

1 Dali Blvd.

St. Petersburg, FL  33701

(727) 823-3767



Photo: You can be a part of this exhibit. After taking a picture, your image will be projected into surrealist art.


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