In this issue…

Relive the “Holiday” fun of the Cart Parade, Breakfast, and Walk. Bask in the warm glow of festive holiday lights. Celebrate another successful SCC Shrine Club Children’s Christmas party and shimmering Apollo Beach boat parade. Find out how the Roamin’ Oldies car club plans to help community charities, and meet Zoo Tampa’s new panther cubs. Raise a glass with the Wine Guild, get valuable health information from South Bay Hospital and the SCC Emergency Squad, learn how a stronger core promotes better health, and discover how to access local history at the SCC Library. Then get a refresher on the golf cart rules of the road.

Then be sure to…

Check out the Entertainment Corner, Club News, SCC Bulletin, Kings Point, Community News, Dance, Military News, Faith & Service, Arts, Sports, Travel, and South County Events sections to help you plan your month. Then travel with your friends and neighbors who carried The News around the world.

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